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UC First Alert

The Township  of Clark has joined in to be part of the Union County Notification/Alerting System known as UC 1st Alert. All landline phone numbers in the County are in the system but people who live or work in Clark can go on-line and register their cell numbers or e-mail addresses to receive text messages or e-mails through this program. 

When registered, they will primarily receive emergency alerts from our local EM office or through the County but they can also choose to receive various reports on weather conditions, community events, CNN news items, etc. if they so desire. This service is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT in the time of a disaster or emergency situation so that emergency services can get critical information out to all Clark  residents very quickly and efficiently for the safety of themselves and their families. 

To register for the UC First Alert program please log on to the following link and follow the directions for the various parts of the form:


AM Radio 590 AM

  The Township of Clark operates an Informational/Emergency Radio Station at 590 KHZ on the AM radio band. 

This station operates through the OEM and on a daily basis will provide general township information such as traffic reports and other pertinent information. During a  disaster or emergency situation this station will provide announcements such as school closings, travel information, and health and safety instructions. This AM radio station will be used in conjunction with our Cable TV 36 station to provide information to our citizens during any emergency situation. 


The OEM has a number of informational pamphlets available that cover a variety of topics including: Family Emergency Planning, Emergency Supplies Kits, Emergency Checklists, Hurricanes, Floods, Power outages, etc. These pamphlets are available for any individuals at the Municipal Building or if any organization or group would like some of these pamphlets they should contact the EM office. 

The OEM has a variety of equipment that includes pumps, generators, lighting, tarps, spill absorbent materials, etc. that are used to supplement the equipment of the Police, Fire, and Public Works Departments.

The Township has designated two locations as shelter areas in the event there was a need for any residents to be evacuated from their homes and needed a place to stay for a short time. The Clark Emergency Squad Building on Raritan Road is the primary designated area and the two gymnasiums at the Municipal Building on Westfield Ave. could also be used for any large scale incident..